Thursday, 1 March 2012


March the 1st - birds singing, sun shining, daffodils poking their sunny faces out all over the garden, the sounds of lawnmowers and children playing, and my 12 and a half yeah old Black Labrador going loopy (when we all thought she was getting past it) again in the sunshine!

...and enter my 3rd month away from France: next weekend's trip to Nimes cannot come fast enough! But although plans have changed and my brief stay back with the parents has turned into something a bit longer, God has been blessing my life so completely every single day.

My desire to go back to France hasn't ebbed, but my patience and joy in life here back home has increased in a huge way! I still miss all the wonderful friends I had back in Nancy, and the beautiful city I used to live in. But I have been blessed with some great friends back here, a loving church, jobs, beautiful countryside and the change to spend time with my family.

I have also had more time for hobbies such as cooking and... knitting! And most importantly, time to spend more time with God.

Long-distance relationships - though tricky - are a real test of how strong the relationship is, and absence really does make the heart grow fonder. The frenchman and I have managed to spend some really good little breaks together and skype is a HUGE blessing!

future plans...
So in case you're wondering, I am  still super-keen to get back to France. But I am also very keen to become and English teacher there. After much job searching and negative responses to applications, I have resigned myself to the fact that I need a TEFL qualification. So I'm taking a 100 hour online TEFL course... and when that's complete, back to the job hunt!

more from me soon!

Lucy x

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