Friday, 30 September 2011

Visiting my Frenchman...

Well, after an emotional goodbye with the children (4 days is a long time to them!), and an 8.5 hour journey, I made it to Nimes. I survived the economy night train (next time I think I`ll spend the extra €10 and get a bed. To say it was uncomfortable would be an understatement, but I think I managed a couple of hours sleep!) It was kind of strange to be sleeping in such close proximity with so many other people - a lot of whom were snoring! I also saw one guy fall asleep on the shoulder of the sleeping girl next to hijm - they didn't know each other - bt thankfully he woke up first and realised! I also had to wait over in Avignon between  5 and 6am but that was actually nice and I ended up chatting to some interesting people including an English man who had lost his passport and was watitng to go to Marseille in order to try and sort out his situation! I also ended up giving him a bit of life advice - he did ask! Thats such a bonus of traveling aone - you can be so much more open to people and really be aware of the things around you.
Anyway, after such a long journey, it was great to arrive in Nimes at 6:30am and to be greeted by the best smile and hug! Unfortunately, JB has to work a bit this weekend, (but if he didn't work, we would really struggle to be able to see each other so I guess I can't complain, and it's short shifts! It is SO HOT here. South of France hot. But I see that it is also really hot in England too...mental weather, it's October tomorrow! Looking forward to JB getting back in an hour and going to see the town! :)
Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I spent the day playing Frisbee in the super-warm weather and making a railway with the boys. It was really fun! Sometimes, I love this Au Pair business! Also loving this amazingly warm weather and the beautiful views walking down the hill to uni in the morning! Stunning!
Tomorrow I am leaving to see my favourite French man in the sunny South - which involves taking the night-train. A first! I am VERY excited!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

loving being back in Nancy!

You may have noticed the change in the name of my blog... I thought it was time, since I'm not strictly an Au Pair anymore...and today it stuck me that I really am living life in franglais! It's an interesting place to be, finally thinking and speaking in two different languages in equal measure...and finally being able to be with a group of people and not even thinking about what anything means in English for hours on end.

After a day at home with the kids, I went out to meet a couple of friends from church, and while waiting for them to show, I met an English guy who had just arrived in Nancy. We went and had a drink with some other people who had randomly all gotton into the same place at the same time and who were a mixture of English French and American. He's a Christian and seemed really happy to meet me then some more people from church.
It reminded me so much of how I felt when I first arrived, and it was so great to be able to speak with him and hopefully make him feel happier about being here and knowing that there is a (non-Catholic) Christian community here!
After that, we went and got kebabs (I swear I'm turning into one - but there are a couple of places that make them sooo good here!) and sat on the Place and chatted. nancy really is so beautiful!!
Athough today was a lovely warm day, Autumn is definitely on it's way and the mornings and evenings are cold. Looking forward to experiencing the heat that will be Nimes next weekend!! (And to seeing a certain somebody who lives there too...)
Home early, and I'm glad - I'm shattered! The family definitely got their money's worth out of me today! These children are practically fluent in English already....


So I bailed on the trying to grow my hair thing (it was just getting to skanky) and it's short again :)

And last night I realised just how horrible it is to walk home from town in heels having missed the last bus! Good one! However, it was a good night with fellow Au Pair, Sophie, and nice end to a long week!!

This morning was spent doing English lessons with the kids (they actually love it!) before being presented with a 'Blanquet de Saumon' (because I said I'd try it!) I didn't like the Salmon but the sauce was good. So far in the last 3 weeks, I have tried about 5 different types of seafood - because I decided it was time to be brave - and I have only been able to tolerate one (children's breaded cod or something). Oh my, this woman loves her fish...

...can't say I do.

Bon weekend a toute et a tous!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


So between starting uni, making new friends, getting used to living with a new family and doing a long-distance relationship, I've slacked off on the blog a bit!
But for those who I know check regularly, (I can think of a few people) everything is going really well!

Week three of the French course, and I can say that so far it has been worth every centime! The teaching is so great, the courses are really interesting and I feel like I have progressed a lot in a short time. I practically speak nothing but French now, as there are no other anglophones in my class (consists of Russians, Spanish, Latin Americans, German, Japanese, Chinese, and we all speak in French together!) 

Although I can definitely say this is the last family I'm going to live with (really looking forward to having my own apartment now and doing whatever I want), they are really lovely and I have a lot of fun with the kids who are getting better and better at English every day! They really do have sponges for brains!
Its such a different situation to my last one, and I really couldn't say which I prefer - having more independence and free reign over the children's activities + massive stress, or no stress, but always having the parents there - I'm not sure. anyway it really is different and I get a lot more time to concentrate on my studies!

Last weekend I met my old family's new English Au Pair! She is really nice and it was funny to discuss our shared experiences and I think it gave her a chance to let off a bit of steam - it was such a hard job! I also saw the family which was so nice. The children have all grown SO MUCH and it was really lovely to spend a bit of time with them. They seemed happy to see me too!

These last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful, but everything seems to be settling down now. God, as always has given me so much to be thankful for, and I constantly feel like my life is so blessed.

Just a picture from last month on holiday which reminds me of the amazing power of God (just look at those clouds!) And the absolute heaven that was the west coast of France this summer!

God bless you all xxx

Friday, 9 September 2011


This week has been a week of adjustments, and this evening was another one. Having to leave town before 11pm to get the last bus because I really didn't want to walk up the hill back home. I have to admit my last place was more conveniently located!
But actually, this new thing is really great!
And I'm really excited because my lovely man is coming tomorrow - albeit he'll be arriving at 7am and I'm not sure the family remember he's coming and I didn't get the chance to speak to them about it. Oh stressful.
So we'll see tomorrow.... :D

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


So today I had one of those days where I started freaking out about everything... actually, mostly, how I'm going to fund my life!
But then I saw this on my sister's blog, and simultaneously remembered what Jesus said (Matthew 6: 25-34) about not worrying. God always provides, always does and always will. And it's really only because I freak out when I have less than £500 in my bank.
That's just stupid. I am incredibly blessed in everything!!

First proper day at uni and Wednesday with the kids - shattering. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Same city: new start :)

On to the next chapter!

After a wonderful month with family, friends, weddings, and a little bit of heaven on the west coast of France, I am back in Nancy with a new home in a beautiful part of town, away from the busy traffic, a garden full of fruit and vegetables and where the sun is still shining. I'm playing 'English Teacher' to 3 adorable children, and sociable parents. I get my own separate house attached to theirs, and I don't have to get up at 6:45am!! In fact, today I woke up to the sound of the local church clock striking 9:30 and opened my electric blackout blinds to sunshine streaming through the window. Rather heavenly!

I have also started University - to study the French language! 
Yesterday I went to the uni and had 4 tests to determine which group I will be in for the term...they went pretty well and I have been put in the toughest group... looks like a lot of work for me this term if I want to pass the exams!
I also found out the course is going to be rather more expensive than I'd bargained for! ...but what can you do?! It seems to be a great course.
I can't deny that I miss my last children - but as you may know, it was a very hard job, and something I would not want to repeat however rewarding those 6 months were! It's nice to be back somewhere familiar while starting something very different!