Friday, 30 September 2011

Visiting my Frenchman...

Well, after an emotional goodbye with the children (4 days is a long time to them!), and an 8.5 hour journey, I made it to Nimes. I survived the economy night train (next time I think I`ll spend the extra €10 and get a bed. To say it was uncomfortable would be an understatement, but I think I managed a couple of hours sleep!) It was kind of strange to be sleeping in such close proximity with so many other people - a lot of whom were snoring! I also saw one guy fall asleep on the shoulder of the sleeping girl next to hijm - they didn't know each other - bt thankfully he woke up first and realised! I also had to wait over in Avignon between  5 and 6am but that was actually nice and I ended up chatting to some interesting people including an English man who had lost his passport and was watitng to go to Marseille in order to try and sort out his situation! I also ended up giving him a bit of life advice - he did ask! Thats such a bonus of traveling aone - you can be so much more open to people and really be aware of the things around you.
Anyway, after such a long journey, it was great to arrive in Nimes at 6:30am and to be greeted by the best smile and hug! Unfortunately, JB has to work a bit this weekend, (but if he didn't work, we would really struggle to be able to see each other so I guess I can't complain, and it's short shifts! It is SO HOT here. South of France hot. But I see that it is also really hot in England too...mental weather, it's October tomorrow! Looking forward to JB getting back in an hour and going to see the town! :)
Have a good weekend everyone!

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