Wednesday, 14 December 2011

After nearly a year of France....

... I have my French C1 'diplome'. (My friend tells me this is 'nearly bilingual'.)
And i got 81% in it!

I owe this all to God, the amazing people I have met here, and especially JB. It feels so great to have finished the year here and have something to show for it!!

Also, last night, our English Bible study group had a little Christmas party. It was such a lovely occasion and a chance to spend some time with some wonderful friends before going back to England! There was lots of good food, laughter and a 'white elephant' gift exchange which was a lot of fun! We also had a massive group hug and I was really quite emotional leaving. These people are very special to me.

Krista, Jonathan and Noelle, Ian, Maria, Sophie, Lauren C, Lauren D, Cassie, Simon and Doug, you are all awesome, you have completely blessed my life in so many different ways and I will miss you very much!

...more on this amazing year in France to follow!

Less than 3 days till my monsieur gets here and 6 days till home....

Sunday, 11 December 2011

penultimate weekend

Amazing weekend including girly drinks, random parties, kids, (old and current ones) Nancy Gospel Singers Christmas Concert, late night 'Bazaars', Irish Pubs, sleeping on floors, trying not to fall asleep in church, cookie parties and chats outside of front doors.... I also worked.

Bring on my last week in Nancy.. it's gonna be a packed one!

9 days till home!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


I had such a random but awesome night. Then  got home to find I'd been locked out from the inside and had to wake people up at 2am. This put a downer on things. It wasn't even my fault. I love France, but I'm glad it's only 11 days till England...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

3 down....

1 to go!
(Exams that is!)

Also, 13 days left in France....

So the exams went ok this morning. We had listening/reading/writing (essentially). It took 4 hours. The subjects were so good too - literature, books, and children (with a bit of architecture thrown in!)

Thank you God!!

I mean, I should prob wait till after tomorrow's speaking exam and the results next week to get really chipper, but there you go!!

In other news, my wonderful JB passed his driving test... in the South of France. I assure you, they drive so mentally there!! So proud of you!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Didn't really think I'd get away with it...

...getting ill that is!
I have finally caught one of the children's colds and am spending Friday night re-couperating and preparing for next week's exams!! This is a fairly scary prospect. It's gonna be 5 1/2 hours of exams over 2 days. We have been doing practice exams this week and I am brushing up on grammar and vocab, reading the news like mad (thats right, we're in a financial crisis!) So exciting times!

In other news, this week I got to go see a girly French movie (L'Art D'Aimer - so charmingly French) with Sophie, Robin and Lauren (more anglophone friends!) and get all Christmassy with the kids writing letters to 'Pere Noel'.

Quite frankly now, I'm looking forward to getting back to England for a family Christmas and seeing my boy, it has been far too long!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!