Tuesday, 2 August 2011


So, I'm just chilling in Paddington station waiting for my final train of the journey! It feels very strange to be back in England!
My lovely friend, Angie and I travelled to London together, watched Desperate Housewives on the train and then heaved our suitcases through sweltering Paris! It was so nice to travel with her, but we've now parted ways and I just can't wait to see my family!

I definitely should have packed before. This morning was super stressful, moving my life out of the apartment, but I did it and even had time for a lovely lunch with my lovely man in the beautiful sunshine - a gorgeous day to leave Nancy! ...and let's be serious, I'll be back so soon!

Fantastic six months with the family, gorgeous 3 children and everything that went with it! A really amazing Au Pair experience!
Now for a holiday, time to relax, and look forward to the next chapter :)


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