Monday, 7 November 2011


An apology for those who like to keep up with my blog, I have been rather lacking in enthusiasm for it of late. It's hard when personal things come along and occupy your thoughts, you don't necessarily want to share them on a public blog. But all is well, France is still great, even though it is now November, my most hated month after January...And then I come to realise that it has been nearly a month since I've posted!

Since then, the family went away to Florida for a bit over two weeks leaving me to do as I pleased. Not missing much of uni as we also had an autumn break, I spent a week in the south with JB which was lovely. General being together, laughing about the little things that make being in a bilingual relationship so funny (including how it is practically impossible to be tactful or subtle in each other's languages -- although this is getting better -- and how wonderful it is that we can be blunt and slightly offensive, but it's just funny cos it's so charming!)

stereotypical scene: southern men, post-petanque chat!

Visiting Montpellier in the rain...

We flew to England from a city called Beziers... it was kind of a bizarre town...full of kebab shops, but hey, we love kebabs!! It was so warm and sunny, and we soaked up our last rays before the inevitable wet and cold of Bristol...

However: England was lovely, its just home. Great food courtesy of Mum (mostly) Erin and Lizzie, Grandma and PUBS! (How I miss pubs!) And of course it was amazing to see family and friends!

The Frenchman got to enjoy english food and beer and the lovely Bath (in the rain), beautiful Stourhead and Shaftsbury!



It was a great time away and I didn't really wanna come back to Nancy. But then when I did get back after a mission of a train journey, I remembered all the good things about being here and realised how much I will miss it - I have only 6 weeks left in Nancy, basically, ever. It would be a lot better for me to really 'profite' from my time here than to wish I wasn't so far away from a certain someone all the time... and so thats what I'm doing through God's grace :)

...more to come soon!

Bisous - Lucy :)

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