Thursday, 21 April 2011

bientôt les vacances!

This week has been hard with the kids. And yesterday, being Wednesday was slightly horrible. The children had finished breakfast by like 7:40am! the day was SO LONG! Actually, it's great spending the day with the two older children, but this week, for some reason, the 4-year-old has decided it's fun to either ignore everything I ask him to do, or scream 'NON' and run around screaming... this is rather tricky and I have yet to find out how to tackle this issue as he hasn't really been like this before. However, he's very sweet when he wants to be. It's a strange experience being so completely disrespected by a small child one minute, and then being cuddled and confided in the next minute. Anyway, the day was long. Enough said. Their Mum got home in time for their dinner which kind of made it a bit worse, as she hasn't been there for 2 days but it seems like she jumps in on what I've been doing wrong...try looking after these kids for twelve hours solid with no help! Anyway, I do really like her, she's funny and very understanding for the most part! She also saw how much her son was not listening to me, as did their Dad the night before. Hopefully a week together as a family might sort a few issues. It seems so sad to me that these kids spend so much more time with me than their parents during the week. No wonder they're always calling me 'Mama'.

So anyway, as soon as the children were in bed, I headed out into a beautifully warm evening to meet some friends at the fair. Betsy also brought along two girls from her course who are really cool! It was pretty awesome. We went up in the ferris wheel which gave stunning views of Nancy in the sunset. Amazing! Afterwards, I was starving so went for a very healthy 'American' sandwich. Basically steak and chips in a toasted baguette. It was the biggest thing ever and afterwards I didn't much fancy going on some of the crazy rides, but I watched the others and we had a good laugh, copious amounts of candyfloss and just hung out. I love the way the French do 'foires'. They have full-on restaurants with people drinking nice wine and even champagne! So different from Trowbo's effort at a fair!

Anyway, today is my last day of au pairing for a week and a half! The family are off to their country house tomorrow and I am off home Saturday! next blog will be from England!

Groses bisous.

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