Friday, 8 April 2011

stuff that happened this week...

It's Friday evening and I'm babysitting, and I haven't blogged all week. I'm shattered so I thought I would just stick in a bit of what I can remember of what happened each day this week. It has been a good week for me. A bonus that it's also been very warm. I'm so happy in Nancy ... it kind of feels like home to me now :)


- Potty training goes hardcore: no more nappies! The school run suddenly gets more complicated as I am constantly making sure little one doesn't need to go to the toilet/has been in his pants... eeek.

- I was interviewed by an education student about my teaching methods for teaching English. Um...I just make it up as I go along and sing a few songs..

- Gospel choir.


- I realise the four-year-old really has no idea what day of the week we're on, ever: days of the week training commences, made more complicated by the fact that we're doing it in both French and English!

- I get my shoes fixed for 25euros. Think that maybe I could have bought a new pair for that... but then I remember that I live in Nancy. Enough said.

- I get one of my English lessons observed...I think it went ok!

- I open a French bank account. 45 minutes of listening to bank-jargon and a stack of paperwork later, I think I've achieved what I set out to do. Oddly, one of the most scary and difficult things I've had to do since I've been here. Banks just stress me out I guess.

- Girly times and games with Krista and Betsy.


- The children and I are given permission to start work on painting the cellar (the children's playroom) - joys. Paint gets everywhere. I throw them both in the bath. I later get told off for getting paint on their clothes. Fun.

- We venture to the 'foire'. You have never seen a fair so big. I am given a rather generous budget and return with two soaking wet, but happy children covered in toffee apple. A success I think.

...after the water ride!

- As one child is successfully sitting on the potty and not wetting his pants, the other one decides to take a leak all over the floor... from the sound of the giggles, apparently just for the heck of it! (It seems that when one child is achieving something good, there is always another one who is doing something bad to grab my attention.) This little boy did not get away with it. (I can be mean!)

- Laura's Birthday. A girly soiree complete with rose and cake... and her house rabbit!

Birthday Girl

...blowing out a make-shift candle!


- Loved working at the school today :)

- Stressful afternoon. Children running wild and playing me off against their mother who was working from home.

- A lovely soiree and dinner chez Matthias (I am super-jealous of his attic apartment!) This was complete with mojitos, excellent food and wine and great company. It culminated in a moonlit walk right the way across Nancy with Ian and Maria as we had long-since missed the last tram!

Betsy's delicious lemon slice and coffee in rather cute little mugs to round off the evening!
 Wow, was I tired after 4 nights out in a row and 6:30am starts. This is what looking after children does to you...!


- I think we are well on our way to sussing the days of the week and the potty training isn't going too badly! It is also still very warm and sunny.

- I only achieved three hours sleep last night, and singing with the tiny tots was rather an effort. One child remarked to me "Maitresse, tu est tout rouge" - well wouldn't you be if you'd just been doing all the actions to 'Heads, shoulders knees and toes' for the last 15 minutes?! So worth it though.

- I spent a nice afternoon in town with my French friend, Francis. We got awesome pizza in the old town and wandered around in the sun.

...well that that wasn't exactly a short blog but hey-ho!
Tomorrow afternoon, I am off to Paris after I do my tutoring. I'm very excited!
I am continuing to feel so blessed in my time here, and feel so well placed. I have met some amazing people and am growing so much as a person. Added to that, I feel like my French has really taken off recently. This is such a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone!
I'm missing home still, but I am coming home in 2 weekend's time for a visit. I can't wait to see lots of you! :)

Bon weekend everyone. xxx

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