Tuesday, 19 April 2011

a weekend on the slopes... (or some of it!)

So last weekend I was lucky enough to have a weekend in the Alps thanks to a very lovely friend, Nicki! She owns an apartment in Les Deux Alpes and said that as she was driving down, would I like to come with her?! YES PLEASE!

So on Thursday night, Nicki arrived in Nancy and we headed over to Ian's place for a spot of Raclette (awesome melted cheese, cold meats fest) and games with the gang. It was a really good night!
In the morning, I took the children to school as usual and then we headed off, dropping into the bank to pick up my new Carte Bleu on the way...so I also had money! It was a really nice drive and felt amazing to be getting out of Nancy! After about 4 hours, we neared the mountains and stopped for a quick picnic lunch. We decided it was time to put the roof down on the car and we drove all the way up to the resort with the roof down... I felt rather Bridget Jones sans Hugh Grant unfortunately! (Sorry Nicki!)
It was strange to arrive in a ski resort with no snow, but I was assured that it was all at the top! However, it did get really cold and start snowing a bit! We went to hire my skis, buy food etc, then we had a nap before showering and having dinner. Later on we headed out to a couple of the bars on the resort, and ended up staying out dancing till past 4am! Not a good idea if you want to be out on the slopes early. We spent Saturday afternoon skiing up top where the ski was pretty good and the temperature about 20 oc less! It felt great to be skiing again after just a few months - a real treat!
We spent Saturday evening, eating and then watching a film before an early night. I don't think I've slept for 12 hours for years and it felt so good!
Sunday we had a bit longer on the slopes and it was so cold up on the glacier that I felt my face freezing! Down in the resort though, it felt like spring!
We had a really nice evening, having a meal and then a drink with Nicki's friend and chatting to the locals! A really nice little weekend! Thank you Nicki!!

On Monday morning, Nicki drove me to Grenoble to catch the TGV back to Nancy. It was really cold and I was wearing my Uggs and a hoodie. The journey was good. I managed to finish reading 'The Diary of an American Au Pair' (rather apt) and also a French magazine. The countryside coming up from Grenoble was so beautiful. Little villages with churches in the centre nestled into the hills, and it made me long to live in the countryside again - or move south! I had to change trains in Paris (Gare de Lyon is an absolute nightmare - so confusing) and I was cutting it fine, but managed to catch the train back to Nancy in time to dump my suitcase at the apartment and get the children. Nancy was HOT. It was a bit of a shock. As was looking after the children again. It's amazing how a little  time away can really make you relax and forget how hard it is!

They have been pretty bad today as well, not listening at all and running a bit wild, but the holidays start this weekend. The family are going away and so am I - back to England for a longed-for break! I can't wait to see some of you lovely people and especially my friends and family.

Lucy xxx

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