Sunday, 3 April 2011

how weekends should be...

It's been a really good weekend!
Yesterday was super-warm. I wandered down to the gare in the morning to buy tickets to go to Paris next weekend to stay with the wonderful Mandy Dunn! (fellow Au Pair blogger!) I finally decided to buy a 12-25 railcard which actually gives HUGE savings, and even managed to exchange the ticket I'd bought to come back from the alps in two weeks for a much cheaper one with my railcard! Bonus!
There was then the normal family lunch, and a nice siesta!
Later on, I went to the BIG family's house to do my tutoring. It was really great, sat in their conservatory for two hours helping the kids with their English. It is really opening my eyes to our language and how confusing it is for others to learn! It's great doing the tutoring though, their English is so good we have some really interesting conversations and they are a really nice family!
Afterwards, I went and sat in the square for a bit with a French magazine and then went for a walk in the park with Betsy before grabbing a 'Monaco' (amazing, aforementioned drink!) As it's so light in the evenings now, we didn't even notice when it was like 8pm - it felt like it was still the afternoon! We both wandered home, and I was feeling really tired from the late night the night before and lack of lie-in due to highly noisy children in the morning. So I just sat and watched a bit of French TV (truly crap!) and chilled out before getting a good night's sleep!

Today was church as normal, but afterwards, there was an amazing meal for everyone upstairs! It was sauerkraut which I think is some sort of traditional food from Germany, and I was a little dubious, but it was actually really nice!

We also celebrated the engagement of two very special people:


So lunch was a very happy time!
Afterwards, some of us went to the aquarium... but not before hanging out in the square a while... 

And some of us decided it was the place to dance...

This is the creepiest fish ever!!

So, a good day had by all! Angie and I later went for a wander round the fair. It is HUGE... fun times for another day maybe. It's been a really nice weekend, well rounded off with a great meal containing lots of cheese with my employers. 

I hope you've all had a good weekend and that the start of your week goes well.
Lucy xxx

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