Sunday, 12 June 2011

Au revoir ma cherie! ....and a catch up of some recent events!

On Friday, my best friend here, Betsy left Nancy. It was really sad. Her Mum and sister had been staying this last week too, which has been awesome, and they all went off together first to Italy where they are going to stay for a few days before flying back to The US together. 
Betsy is like a ray of sunshine. She has brought so much joy into a lot of people's lives here. She is such an amazing friend and I am sure that we will always be friends, but it was heart-wrenching to say goodbye. As I saw their night train pull out of Nancy at 10pm on Friday evening, I felt so strange, but I know we will see each other again, and we will continue to be friends, supporting each other and praying for each other, but conversing through skype across and ocean...until our reunion in Wisconsin summer 2012!

Last weekend of the long weekend, we spent some really good quality time with Betsy before her family came.

For the bank holiday weekend, the family went away with the kids, but I stayed here to make the most of my time with Mum and Dad, and with Betsy 

After saying goodbye to Mum and Dad about 3pm on Thursday, I went back to the apartment, booked my tickets home for the summer (2nd August for anyone who cares!) and went to sleep!
Later on, myself, Betsy, Matthias, Ian and Maria ended up going over to Francis's apartment that night. It was a really lovely evening. We chatted, ate pizza and played 'BANG'. I think we're all getting a bit hooked on that game! Maria and Ian left about midnight, but the rest of us, having nothing to do the next day, decided to play scrabble... goodness knows why! Seeing as it was in French, Betsy and I teamed up with a dictionary and the guys went solo! It was actually pretty fun and we did come second - sorry Francis!
We ended up getting home around 2:30am and the next day, I blissfully lay in until around midday! So nice not having the kids waking you up!
It was a really hot day, and after lazing around for a bit, I met up with Betsy and Krista and we went into town and did some shopping.
Then that evening, I had everyone over for dinner and Betsy taught us how to dance! It was a really fun evening! Even Krista and Jonathan came with Noelle!
After we had finished dancing, we decided it was too early for the night to be over and ended up playing scrabble again - but this time in English - till 3am... Serious party animals, us!! Actually, it was really fun and this time we all teamed up to help the French people!

The next day I slept in till midday again, and quickly cleaned up all trace of our soiree as the family were coming back that afternoon and I had neglected to inform them of my plans... not that they would've minded but I wanted to be on the safe side.
That afternoon, Krista, Jonathan and Betsy had organised a wedding shower for Ian and Maria. We all put on our summer frocks and cracked open the bubbly, played wedding showery games and generally had a really nice time! It was such a hot day, but being sensible North Americans, the Pletts have air conditioning which made it more bearable in their loft apartment! 

Betsy and I spent some time in prayer together before saying goodnight, and the next morning, she left early for Paris to meet her Mum and sister!
This last week has been pretty easy for work, and we have spent some nice time hanging out with Betsy's family. On Tuesday we had English bible study which was great, but it was also the evening the hot weather broke, and Ian, Maria and I walked back in the pouring rain and arrived home absolutely soaked!
Wednesday of the children went very well and in the evening, I went to a lovely soiree and BBQ chez Jeany, and with some other people from the church. I left early however to meet Betsy and family on the Place for a late Monaco which was really lovely!
Thursday, I joined the Pletts and the Boersma's for the evening and helped with the packing! And on friday, we had lunch together, and then tea and cake chez Ian to say goodbye. It was really very sad.
But she's going back to her home, and in a month or two, I'm going back to mine, and this time we've had here together will remain such an amazing memory.
Thank you for being such an amazing friend, for making me laugh, cutting my hair, always being up for singing and dancing and doing random last-minute things and for being there! You are the best!
Bon courage, keep smiling, and may God bless you in your final year of uni!

 Missing you so much already. Je t'aime, pour toujours!

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