Monday, 6 June 2011

Mum and Dad in Nancy :)

I really want to write more about when my parents came to visit in Nancy... It was such a lovely time and I don't think  that this will do it any justice. It was just really special, and I know that I am so blessed to have the relationship that I do with my parents.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of Dad's work, they had to come mid-week. However, this worked out really well as they got to spend time with the children!

These are just a few of the things I will remember from this lovely couple of days!

Having lunch with the children in the Parc Brasserie
Being Wednesday, the children had no school, so after the usual morning routine and flute and mediateque, I took the kids down to the Parc Brasserie to meet Mum and Dad.
The children were really sweet and well behaved when we all sat down and had lunch together! My parents loved meeting them, and I the children enjoyed it too! I was glad that they were on their best behaviour and I was really proud of them!
Afterwards, the children showed my parents the animals in the parc, including 60-year-old chimpanzee, JoJo, before we took them to the activity centre for the afternoon.
This was so that I could show Mum and Dad a bit more of Nancy as the children would not have liked to have been carted around! As it was, I think we would all have been just as happy playing in the parc with the children all afternoon, but as it was, I took Mum and Dad to Parc St Marie, pointing out some of the Art Nouveau buildings along the way! 
We had a walk around and met up with Krista and Noelle for a bit!
It was soon time to go and pick up the children. First, we got li
It was so lovely to show them my city as they have heard so much about it, but now they have seen where I live!

Picking up little one from Creche
...was so sweet! We walked all the way to pick up the others from the activity centre and Dad held his hand the whole way and he just loved it...I think he was a bit in awe of Dad!

Aperitif chez nous
Later on, Mum and Dad came over to meet F+S and have an aperitif. It was a bit stressful when they arrived, but being the awesome, experienced parents they are, they entertained the children while S got some nice snacks together and then we all sat down to chat while the children played and little on climbed all over Dad - he wouldn't leave him alone! It was pretty cute, but we decided to leave and go out for dinner before too long as I think we all felt that the affection shown by Tobias to my parents highlighted the space between him and his own parents...which is one of the things that makes me sad about this job.

Dinner and wine at my favourite Italian 
We went to my favourite place to eat and it was great. However, I think the stress of looking after children spilled out a little. When I have to deal with it myself, I just get on with things, but with my parents there being so nice, I think I got a bit emotional. I guess i needed that though, and we had a lovely dinner anyway! Afterwards, we walked on the beautifully lit-up Place Stanislas before heading our separate ways for bed.

Thursday – Pont de L’Ascension (or bank holiday and not having to work!!)
Bank holiday for France! I got a semi lie-in before cycling over to meet Mum and Dad at their hotel. IT was a really beautiful day and we went and had coffee on the Place. We enjoyed chatting and watching people..including a man trying to untangle his two dogs from their leads for like 15 minutes. Everyone seemed to be getting involved in this fiasco and it was rather humorous!

Ascension Mass
We walked into the Cathedral before the beginning of their Ascension Mass. There was some incredible music playing from the huge organ and it was really atmospheric. We left after the procession of the priests swinging incense. It was really quite interesting and something I had not experienced before.

Bank holiday...
Because the French take their bank holidays seriously, most of the shops were shut. However, I thought we might have some luck in the more ethnic quarter of town to buy food. I was right and we got some amazing ficelle bread and fruit to eat for lunch and went and sat in the PLace St Epvre in the sunshine to eat it.

Walking through the rose garden...
The rose garden in the Parc Pepiniere is now in full boom and we wandered through before having a final drink together and heading back to the train station for Mum and Dad to go back to Paris for their flight.
I was sad. I think we all cried a little bit. But thankfully, although I am  nearly 23 years old, I still love being with my parents enough to want to spend nearly all of August with them on holiday...and I can't wait!

It was so great to see you, thankyou so much for coming to see me and for treating me.  Thankyou for being interested in my life. Love you always xxxx

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