Tuesday, 7 June 2011


...also while I remember it, something really cool happened while the children were eating their dinner last night. The 4-year-old was being completely un-rully as seems to be the habit at the moment. After he came back repentant from a spell in his bedroom, I decided to try something different. 'Lets write down all the things we would like to see in our home'... ie - no shouting - no hitting - sitting nicely at the dinner table.
I suggested 'thinking about other people.' Suddenly, the 4-year-old piped up with: 'yes, and thinking about Jesus too!' This sparked an awesome conversation about what Jesus said (the older two both knew that he said 'to love one another and love God.') We discussed what this means in terms of their own lives and it really got them thinking, they were still thinking this morning!

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