Friday, 17 June 2011


...that means exhausted!!
Even though Monday was a holiday, this week has been a pretty tiring one!
Last night both parents were away with work so i had the children all by myself. This was fine really... I had had a really good afternoon (even though it involved lots of walking in the rain) and was feeling pretty chilled!
Anyway, they were actually pretty good, until Maria came over to see them and help me put them to bed, then they started to play up BIG TIME. It was pretty bad because I had hoped they would be really sweet for her.
Anyway, we managed to get them into bed, and spent a really nice evening chatting over dinner and port! :D
She left a bit before 11, and I went online to see that Betsy was back home in the states! So we got chatting on Skype...was so great to speak to her - it's so strange not having her here anymore! When I finally got to sleep I realised that I would have only 6 hours sleep (not hugely abnormal anymore) and this morning, the little one woke up and started running around about 6:30am... that was not great, but being midsummer, it's fairly easy to get up as it looks like the middle of the day outside at that time!
The kids really behaved themselves this morning thank the Lord, and everyone got to school in plenty of time. Then this morning, I have been jumping around singing and dancing to English songs with the kids at the school which was so fun, but super-tiring! I'm now off for a bike ride with Laura!!
Thank goodness it's the weekend tomorrow...and on Monday, my amazing sister, Alice is coming to stay!!!

Have a fantastic weekend all :)
Bisous xxx

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