Saturday, 19 February 2011

4 weeks in...

I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy and tired with the children and things! But these are some of the things that I’ve been doing in the past week!
Last Saturday, I had a nice long lie-in to make up for all the early starts, had a lovely lunch with the family and then went for a little explore along the tram line, found the river and had a nice walk!

I also got my hair cut, so now I look a bit more French! And did a bit of shopping!
In the evening I went along to a ‘groupe des jeunes’ at the church, which is basically an evening for under 30s with a meal and discussion – all in French! It was really nice and I met a lot of new people! I’m going to go again later tonight, then go for a drink and maybe some dancing after! It’s great to have met some really great people, and have some good conversations in French!

On Sunday, I took a push scooter to church because I was late, and it was so much fun, I got quite a few wry smiles on the way down, and even more on the way back as I had a baguette under one arm!! Came back to another fantastic family lunch – I am getting far to used to all this great food!
Here is some amazing chocolate cake that S made more lunch!

On Monday, I went as usual to my French class at the school – it’s really good and the teacher is so helpful, I feel like I’m learning a lot. I also went into town and saw a lot of men walking around with bunches of flowers for Valentine’s day! Well, my Valentine’s day got as good as dancing to Barry Manilow with a 2-year old…but it was very sweet! My four year old got a card from his little ‘girlfriend’ and he was so chuffed!! 

In the evening, I went with Betsy to a gospel choir for the first time! We got the bus to a rather obscure location, but found a lovely room full of very enthusiastic singers led by an American lady! It was so great, and also quite hilarious listening to French people singing in English…some of the pronunciations were priceless, especially during the male solo! I can’t wait to go back and sing again!

Other than that, I’ve had a pretty normal week, had some lovely things in the post from some gorgeous people, spent Wednesday afternoon at the park in the sunshine with the children, and a new French friend who is also an Au Pair, which was fun and am continuing to enjoy school, the children and French food! I’ve found some great little bars and cafes and I also spent a really lovely girly evening with Krista and Maria complete with sparkling rose and yummy munchies!

Today, I have spent the afternoon with Betsy in town, doing some touristy things and having a giggle! And tonight, I’m going to have homemade curry with F+S before going out!

My family are skiing this week, and I wish I could be with them, but it’s nice to know they’re all in France!

Missing you all lots, but I’m really enjoying the time I have in France, knowing I can come back home in 5 months time, having had some amazing experiences and growing as a person and growing closer to God. This time is going so fast already, and I really want to savour every minute of it!

Here are some more pictures of random things…

Wine in a plastic bottle...

A french cat... 

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