Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today, yet another 'natural disaster' has struck another part of our planet. It further emphasises how we live in such a messy world... nothing is certain and nothing is perfect. While I stress over small things and complain that work is too hard, there are people who don't even have enough food to eat or a roof over my head. While I miss my home and my family, there are people who have lost everyone they love.
I have been, yet again, reminded how good my life is and I am so thankful for all the blessings God has given me.

So with this in mind, I just wanted to share a few of these amazing blessings:

- First and foremost, I am in a lovely relationship with my creator that no disaster could ever destroy. NOTHING can stop God loving us. And that is a huge comfort.

- I have a wonderful family who are so supportive even though we are so far apart.

- I have great friends, old and new, who bring so much light into my life and into the world :)

- I have a good job with kind employers and sweet children, a lovely place to live, good food to eat, and more-than-enough money for everything I want to do!

- I have met some really great people in this town, have found a great church and everyone I have met has been so welcoming!

- I am having a great life experience, living in a beautiful city!

- One of my favourite people ever is coming to visit this weekend!

- I am having a free trip to Paris next week.

There are so many more things I am thankful for, but these are the biggest.
I know we are all guilty of complaining about our lives, but I encourage you to think of the good things, and think of those who have so little and have lost so much.

God bless


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  1. cant wait to hang out in paris. what area are you staying at while youre here? I am near the arc de triumphe.