Friday, 4 February 2011

Thursday: table for one?!

Yesterday morning, I had a great time at the school doing some English stuff with the children! I got them all to introduce themselves in English, and then I taught them 'Ten Green Bottles' - yes, slightly tedious, but  with all the repetition, most of them had it by the 5th time round, and they already know their numbers in English! I then let them all ask me questions about England, and then they all started asking me what the English was for all these different words!! It was very funny; I seem to be a bit of a novelty - a genuine English person!!

Cotes du Rhone..
I miss my lovely lunches out with friends back home, so on a cold, rainy Thursday in France, what better than to go out for lunch.... 'toute seule'?! Hopefully soon I will have some people to go out with, but I know that some of you (TAJB) would be proud, and it's actually quite nice! You don't have to make conversation, and you can really take in the atmosphere, and talk to people if you get the chance! It was lovely to just sit there with a pichet de vin rouge and take in the cosy atmosphere.
I ordered a pizza de chevre chaud from the set menu and it turned out to be absolutely enormous! The people sat next to me laughed at me, and one even offered to help me out with it!! ...I did eat about half, but declined the half-raw egg in the middle...slightly strange French obsession with putting undercooked eggs on things!

Raw this really necessary?!

I then remembered that I had desert included in my I went for the cream...

...and then a coffee!

I walked home feeling decidedly stuffed and had to have a little lie down like an old man! oh dear...

Lunch does seem to be quite a big deal in France though... Children get 2 hours at school and its a proper sit-down meal! Soup, a main course, bead and cheese and then fruit and a yoghurt! Everyone seems to eat a lot more food at lunchtime and then have a lighter dinner. Maybe that's the secret... there are hardly any really big people different from England and good old Trow...

In the evening I went to the apartment of some Canadian people called Krista and Jonathan who I met at Church on Sunday.  I went along with Ian and Maria (English and American) who I also met at church, and there were some other English speaking people there who work with Jonathan! We had a really hilarious evening playing games (Killer Bunnies, anyone?!) and eating cake!

Homemade 'Galette'

It was just really great to hang out with some great people and feel I know a few people in this city now!

God is really blessing this time away for me so far, and even though I'm shattered after a long week, I have a smile on my face!

Love to you all xxx

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