Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Man alive....

So, I have just finished two days of hardcore child-care!!
It has been uber-tiring but the hardest thing I have had to do so far in this job and it's over and happily rounded off with a nice glass of wine!

Yesterday, I had to look after Alice at home all day because she was a bit under the weather, and that was fine, but I had to change my plans and then look after the children all evening as well as both parents were away with work.
Amazingly, everything went so well, and they all went to bed no problem. They are getting so affectionate and sweet with me and I really feel they can trust me: I want to be there for them so much and it's really lovely knowing they feel safe with me.

I tired ot get an early night, but I really couldn't sleep. Living in an apartment there are noises coming from everywhere, and I kept getting twitchy thinking it was the children! After a while, my mind was so awake there was no way of sleeping. I think I got a couple of hours early morning, and before I knew it, Alice and Stanley were getting into bed with me and it was 6.40am! Although I was so tired, it was rather sweet, and the little one didn't wake up until 7.30 and we had quite a lazy mornign before taking him to creche. Being Wednesday, I had Alice and Stanley all day, and that got a little too much after lunch as I was so tired I couldn't bring myself to make them do anything, so I sat them in front of a film and had a little cry in my room... I guess you could say homesickness has kicked in a bit now, a month in. It's become more real that I really do miss everyone an awful lot.... But then I remind myself that I love it here and all the experiences, and in 5 months time, I will be returning home - and then it won't seem so great!

So anyway, after some space, it got better. They cleared up their enormous mess of a game and we made some rice crispie cakes! Then we went to fetch Tobias from creche, and had dinner. My lovely friend Betsy came to help me out and spend some time with the kids. She is such a lovely person and great with kids - such a blessing when I really needed a lift! We put the children to bed fine, then she had to go... and F+S came home nearly at the same time and we had a lovely meal and wine and now I'm going to bed!

Roll on the weekend and a lovely visit from a very special person :)

Love to you all xxx

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