Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday fun!

So Wednesdays, the children are off school - which means I have them for 12 hours - from when they get up until they go to sleep! Well, I have the two older children as the younger one still goes to creche.
And so far, my two Wednesdays here have been a lot of fun, but very tiring as the children are so noisy...crazy dancing to MIKA round the living room at 8am is fun, but by the time they have been tucked into bed, I'm ready to crash!!

Luckily, the children are quite good at amusing themselves outside of music lessons and trips to the library, but they like to cook with me: today, we made some coconut mice...yummy!

Would love to add some pics of the kids cooking... but I haven't asked the parents and this blog is public so I best not.

Tomorrow I am going to be doing some English stuff in some of the classes in the school! It's so disorganised it's hilarious but hopefully it should go well! Going with the flow seems to be working ok! I'm not enjoying these early mornings...I now know the feeling of looking forward to the weekend (something you don't get working in a restaurant!) Looking forward to spring... :)


  1. hey! how close are you to paris? I'm loving the blog, keep it up!

  2. hi Mandy! I'm about 1hour30 from Paris on the train! Loving your blog too!!
    If you wanna chat properly, add me on facebook :)
    Hope all is going well for you!

  3. the link you posted for your facebook took me to my home page, so ill give you mine;!/amandarosedunn! Add me