Friday, 11 February 2011


This post will appeal to some of you in paricular, I think!

I have eaten a lot since I’ve been here! The food is soo good and there is always so much of it!

Food highlights of the week:

- Tuesday night – fabulous home-made pizzas and trifle at the English Bible study at Jonathan and Krista’s J - unfortunately, no photos!

- Wednesday – my chunky potatoes, boiled with bouillon cubes then mixed with fried onions, garlic and lardons, crème fraiche and topped with grated emmental then popped in the oven for 30mins! Gorgeous…even if I do say so myself!

- Thursday    - Yummy tortellini at a brasserie for lunch
                     - A pretty raspberry tart from a patisserie
                     - Cheese and port with F and S in the evening

Yes, Thursday was a good day…but I must watch the pounds or else I will return from France rather round!

I have also enjoyed finding nice places to have coffee and become immersed in the French life!!

In other news, I have very much enjoyed teaching little ones at the school some English this week! They all seem to really love it and although it’s only colours and number etc, it’s so much fun! I also seem to be somewhat improving on the French front as I am becoming more confident and engaging in conversation with the teacher and other people at the school and just out and about.
The children are still hard work, but we’re having lots of fun as they’re becoming more used to me, and I just love them more and more everyday!

Also, we have another new baby in the family, and I have another second cousin - welcome Douglas Christopher Miles!
I miss home and everyone lots and lots, but I am really enjoying this amazing time away from it all! God is continuing to bless this time so abundantly, and I encourage you to keep trusting in him, and he will do some really great things in your lives as he is doing in mine!

So now its nearly the weekend and it's getting warmer! I am planning on spending it sleeping, chilling and doing some more exploring of the further reaches of the city as well as catching up with new friends and having a cheeky drink or two!
...One last thing: BIG LOVE to Miss Elizabeth Francis for the lovely package which arrived today: made my day!!

Much love and God bless.

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