Friday, 20 May 2011

balade a velo!

I have finally braved cycling in Nancy!! Although the traffic is a bit mental, and there are a lot of one-way systems, Nancy is pretty velo-friendly! There are lots of cycle lanes on the roads and there are cyclists everywhere! I just have to keep telling myself to keep right!!
So on Tuesday, Laura, Betsy and myself decided to pack a picnic and take a little cycle over to the canal and river area on the other side of town. We actually found ourselves pretty quickly in the countryside and enjoyed a really sunny ride amongst the trees and wild flowers.

We also had a very lovely picnic next to the river in the sunshine and chat chat chatted!So now I have experienced the joy of cycling in Nancy, I think I will take the bike out more often. It's a great free way of getting around, quicker than walking and better exercise! Fear of cycling in the city: conquered!

In other news....
This week has been slightly better with the children. Wednesday was a lot better this week, and we spent a lot of time in the little local park in the sunshine. The children found some other children to play with and I had a good sunbathe. :) Later on however, before going over to Ian and Maria's for games, I realised that I was looking rather 'salad du tomates!'
This week, I have been spending lots of time with friends, and enjoying life in France really!
And tonight, Betsy and I are getting a train to luxembourg to stay overnight in a hotel, and spend the day sightseeing tomorrow...

...more on that soon!!

Bon weekend a tous!

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