Monday, 30 May 2011

Singing, cake, beer and Germany!

On Friday night, Les Nancy Gospel Singers, the STARS, Kaleidoscope and Africarel gave a concert in a huge modern church in one of the small towns surrounding Nancy. It was incredible. The Stars are such amazing witnesses to the love and joy of God! Their simple love for Christ and for one another is so completely evident, as is their joy of life. I felt so completely full of joy as we were singing together, singing God's praises to all who watched.
This choir is another reason why I love being here so much! The people are so amazing and it's wonderful to be part of such a great group! I never imagined this!

Saturday morning was not so great. We got up super early to head to Germany for F's family re-union. I was grumpy because the shower was not free until it was time to I didn't get one. The children wanted my pillow in the car. I gave it to them to keep the peace. The children wanted my ipod. Again, peace was more important..also its harder to say no when the parents are there! Then Mr 4 year old was being such an incredible brat the entire way and screaming sat directly behind me. Needless to say, we arrived about midday at the farm belonging to F's cousin and I had a banging headache. I don't like to moan normally, but it really was awful. The 4-year-old's behaviour at home is continuing to deteriorate. Meanwhile, at school he remains an angel! HOW IS THIS? I continue to pray for wisdom and patience and I thank God for forgiveness. :)

Anyway, the day totally got better and the children really enjoyed themselves! F's cousin has four kids who are 15, 19, 21 and 22 and they are all really cool and speak amazing English! They are such a friendly family. As were the rest of the 80-odd people who turned up for coffee and amazing German cakes in the old barn in the afternoon! It was really great to meet them all, although there was a lot of nodding and smiling and 'yahs' on my part as most of the people spoke no English or French! F's lovely parents were there though and his brother and sister's families so there were some French people to speak to!
It was a really great party! We played team games, drunk German beer and ate lots of amazing food! I got on really well with the young people, and all-in-all it was a great time! I felt very welcome and privileged to have had the opportunity! Also eager to learn German!
I did have to sleep in a room with the kids though and they were very noisy - kept waking up and being really noisy and they woke the whole house up in the morning! The journey back as also a nightmare. VERY hot and there were bad traffic jams. When we finally arrived back in Nancy, about 8pm I headed straight to Krista and Jonathan's to be with the gang! It was good to see everyone. The other choir people had been in Strasbourg with the STARS - it sounded amazing, so I'm sorry to have missed it, but I did get my first experience of Germany, and it was GOOD :)

Photos to follow :)

Today I have been hanging out wit Betsy all day, and after school, I took the children for a picnic in the park which kept them entertained. We had to shelter in the shade though - it was 30oc today!

Mum and Dad arrive for a visit tomorrow! I can't wait to see them!!

Much love and God bless xxx

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