Friday, 13 May 2011

that was one nasty week (in the life of work!)

Yesterday I posted a 'happy birthday' post for my lovely sister. It seems to have disappeared and I have no idea why :( I think blogger is messing up! Anyway, she is amazing, and I miss her, and I'm sad because I missed her 18th... instead, I was being screamed at by a 4-year-old and cleaning up wee.

But it's finally Friday night, the parents are finally home and putting their children to bed, and I am sat here, very tired but happily thinking that I have over 2 days of freedom! However, this week has been so energy-sapping that I'm struggling to muster up some enthusiasm for going out tonight!

I am going to write some good things that happened this week, and try to forget how awful the four-year-old was. (I know its not really his fault and I love him really.) And how awful wednesday was. (Think cleaning up wee from the living room floor then realising that another child is flooding the bathroom - sums it up really!)

1 - Tuesday night! There was a thunder storm, and Betsy and I trecked it over to Lauren's lovely flat in a part of town we hadn't been to before in rain macs and flipflops. Good times. Lauren proved to be an excellent hostess, and along with Matthias, Ian and Maria, we all had an amazing Korean-style dinner! (apparently she learned how to cook like this from watching Korean dramas online!) We went for an adventure out of her bedroom window, climbed under a dripping fig tree and explored the wild garden, every so often jumping at thunder and lightning! Later on there was poetry recitals (no idea how we got onto that), fun with Sgt Pepper (Lauren's cat, an American citizen with a Beatles-inspired name) and a crazy game that was terminated around 12:30am when we realised how late it had got! The night was ended with a beautiful walk in the still of the evening, the rain having freshened everything up after the heatwave.

2 - Wednesday night, children in bed, I went for a walk in the twilight and spent time with God. It was very much needed and it was really beautiful.

3 - Thursday morning, helping out in the school. So much fun! Children are somehow cuter when they're not your responsibility!

4 - Thursday lunchtime, walking through Vielle Ville and watching all the restaurant owners setting up their chairs and tables on the terraces and the buzz of it all.

5 - The weather generally. Just such a good climate here. One reason to live in France!

6 - Giggles with Betsy last night - and booking our trip to Luxembourg next weekend!

7 - Chatting to a really nice man over coffee in my favourite cafe this morning. I just love how much easier it seems to make friends and have conversations when you're not in your home town. Great for the French too...

There, 7 really good things about this week :) God is so good and is keeping me so positive even though it's hard. There is so much to be thankful for!
I am also thankful that it is not this time a year ago. We were all so stressed  finishing our degrees and I would never want to do that again. Thinking of and praying for everyone in the situation right now!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
A bientôt! xxx

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