Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Today I got the kids loving worship music. It was a good day! Worship music in French and English! My little girl is now wandering around singing 'Beni Soit Ton Nom.' ('Blessed be Your Name.') Fantastic! I have also been teaching the children about Jesus's teachings. No.1 'Turn the other cheek.' Quite understandably as children, (and as humans, let's be serious) they like to take the 'eye for an eye' approach. I am trying to teach them that this is not the way to be. Jesus said so. This is actually starting to work. I explained this last night, and today was a good day, almost no fighting and practically uneventful. I might add that I thoroughly enjoyed the children's company and we did lots of art activities together and read stories!

This evening, I am staying in. It is much needed. Last night, we again hung at Ian and Maria's and played games. I was the only single person there. I also felt like a 5th wheel - not that I mind at all! It was great fun as usual!
This weekend, I am joining the family in going to F's family 'festival' in Germany. Apparently he has A LOT of cousins. I think it's going to be 'hilarant.' (hilarious!!)

Much love to all.
I am missing home a lot today I think. Or the people.

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