Monday, 9 May 2011

Darn trottinette!

Last night, I headed over to Besty's. As it was a Sunday night and I didnt think there would be many trams running, I took one of the trottinettes (scooters). It seemed like a good idea. It was nice to be speeding along on a warm evening and it definitely halved my journey time! I stopped at a corner shop for a bottle of wine, and put it in my bag and continued along. However, I was clearly getting a bit cocky, and as I was crossing the road near Betsy's apartment block, I hit the curb a little hard and fell down, hitting my hand really hard and whacking my shin on the side of the trottinette. It was SO painful!!!
Thankfully, I was so nearly there, and was able to rest up with a bag of frozen veg on my leg, so the swelling isn't too bad, but it still hurts a lot this morning! Teach me to be so speedy!!
Anyway, it was great to see Betsy!! We got take-out pizza and shared the bottle of wine that had (thankfully) not been smashed during my fall! We spent the evening catching up on our holidays and laughing lot! She had had a wonderful time at the seaside and was looking very brown!
It was such a good evening and totally made up for the pain!!

This morning, the kids were very sleepy, and for once, they didn't want to get out of bed! But it was back to school today, and they all got off to school well with minimal fuss. I think I might be getting pretty good at this routine malarky! (Probably shouldn't speak too soon though!) However, I was the one who messed up this morning, and forgot my keys to get into the school where I sit in on the 10-year-old's grammar class. I'm not too upset though, as I'm sure you can imagine! It's such a nice day, so I think I'll just catch up on my lesson planning and chill in the park!

God bless you all xxx

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  1. Awww, hope your hand isn't hurting too hard! Have you got a photo of one of these scooter thingys? xxx