Thursday, 19 May 2011

last Saturday...

...was frankly, fantastic.
After a night out dancing with the international peeps, Betsy and I walked back to her's where we enjoyed Baileys and cheese before bed. (Krista and Jonathan are en vacances!) And on Saturday morning, (after a lie-in without any kids running around to wake me up) she made us American pancakes which were amazing! Soon after, I headed back home where lunch was practically ready - after too may fat pancakes with maple syrup, I wasn't really feeling it.

Anyway, this weekend, the Gospel Choir was singing at the wedding of some people at church, so after lunch, I put on my nice dress and headed to the Temple Protestant with Betsy, where the wedding was taking place. It was a really great atmosphere, everyone was so joyful and the wedding was amazing - so unlike a British wedding! I thought we sung pretty well too! Afterwards, it transpired that we were all invited to the aperitif reception for the wedding, so somehow, we all managed to get lifts to the venue a little way out of Nancy. It was so much fun, we all had champagne and lots of banter among the young people from Church! When it was time for us to leave, none of us wanted to, so Matthias invited us young people to his for a BBQ. This was great and we spent the evening eating, chatting and singing to Guillaume on the guitar. Later on, we all headed back to the wedding - about 11:30pm - for desert and dancing. It was so great of the couple to invite us as we don't really know them, but I think we livened up the dancing - 'till 4 in the morning!!! This is crazy, as all the weddings I've been to before have been wrapping up around midnight - this one was only just getting started at this time. How I love France! I don't think anyone made it to church in the morning... but I think it was just about worth it!
I can't really describe how good this day was. This post isn't really doing a good job. But it was just so fun. It's great to have friends here - real friends now, I never thought this would happen like this! The Church youth are so cool, and I'm really enjoying being here so much! When work gets tough now, I don't even care! Thank you God.

The couple leave for the reception!


A rose between two...brothers!

The soon-to-be marrieds!

Justin attacking a hot dog

Crazy desert


Alban et moi

These French men loved a bit of the 'Can Can'

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  1. Oh I soooo love it!!!! Seriously it was one of the best :) Bisous mon très bonne amie!!