Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Home, Part 2

This is a continuation of what I got up to when I left home. Mainly because, even though I've only been back in Nancy 2 days, memories of my amazing time back home are fading fast and I want to record them in some way, and say thank you to the people who made it a fantastic time! I cannot stress how nice it was to be staying at home with my family during the week and I miss you even more now then ever.

On Monday, some of the old crew was re-united and we took the opportunity for a nice walk along the canal and a picnic at Bradford on Avon. It was a really warm and lovely day and it was amazing to see everyone again! Much food was consumed, new girlfriends were met, and we caught up on everyone's 'nouvelles'!

We couldn't end the day without a trip to our favourite pub, The Castle.

Kirsty, Tajb, Lizzie, Erin, Me, John, Jenny

Unfortunately, as some people had places to be, our reunion was short. Lizzie and I had also been invited to a BBQ at Lizzie's friend, Dave's farm. We had heard that it was a pretty amazing place and we were not disappointed! It is absolutely beautiful! We asked Dave to take us for a tour and the place is so big we only got about halfway round and that was a pretty long walk. We had a really lovely evening, sitting in the sunshine eating great food and chatting to Dave's parents. We had a tour of the house, which included climbing out of the attic window and onto the roof of the house, and we also had the privilege to help feed some orphan lambs which we did while the sun was going down, it was so beautiful. A spell in the city really makes you appreciate the countryside! Later on we played some games (I actually won both of them, much to my - and everyone else's surprise)
and we left feeling well fed and having had an amazing day!

Dad and I took a day trip to 'The North' (somewhere near Nottingham) to visit my Nanny and Grandpa. It's a kind of crazy thing we do so we don't stay over there and stress them out. But the journey was pretty long. However, this time it was great as it gave us a chance to have a really good chat! It was lovely to see the grandparents too, we had a really nice pub lunch and I told them all about life in France. They always have really cool stories to tell about the past and family and stuff which is really interesting! After being plied with yet more chocolate, we said our goodbyes and drove back home.

I didn't do much this day, but I had a friend over for coffee in the morning which was nice, and basically spent the afternoon trying to think about what the next steps for my life are going to be after leaving France. It's kind of scary but also exciting... I am looking forward to joining the real world soon!
I spent the evening curled up on the sofa with mum, a bottle of wine and a documentary on William and Kate!! By this point, we were getting pretty into the Royal Wedding hype!

Thursday was a nice day, catching up with William and his family and spending a lovely afternoon in Bath with Tom :)  We saw the film 'Submarine' - go see it! It's brilliant, and so Welsh!

Part three coming soon (for those who are remotely interested in my holiday activities...)

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