Tuesday, 12 July 2011


...my 5 year old just came running out of his bed and gave me a massive hug and said "YOU FORGOT TO GIVE ME A KISS GOODNIGHT"... and 'i love you'.
OH my, am I gonna miss these kids.

In other news, apparently we're on an 'orange' storm warning.... Laura and I researched this today and this means we must be 'vigilant'... whatever that means! So far it has been insanely hot and there have been dark clouds. Bizarrely the massive park in town was also completely shut because of severe weather warnings, but so far NOTHING has happened!

Tomorrow is my last day looking after Alice and Stanley. I think I might cry. I love them so much.
I think this is making me feel more undecided about my decision to stay and work for a different family come september...

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