Wednesday, 27 July 2011

my penultimate weekend...

...was spent with two of my favourite people ever!
The weather was a bit chilly to say the least, but the rain kept off and the most important thing was that we were together!!

We spent a lot of time...

EATING. shopping in the markets. (on Sunday, F gave me 70euros to get what we wanted in the market - mad!)
...playing with my little one...
...exploring Nancy with and without VELOS!

We also played Crazy Golf...

...Eddie won!

We also went over to a friend from Church's place for a BBQ which was awesome, although I can't imagine how Erin and Eddie felt with all the French all night!
On Sunday we spent the afternoon cycling, listening to live music in the park and looking at Art Nouveau! In the evening, Erin and Eddie cooked for the family to say thanks :) Afterwards, after beer and wine, the four of us grabbed bikes and headed down to the Place to watch the light show, and chatted for ages afterwards...think this involved French lessons! More wine...back on the bike. Home safe!

Little one came to say goodbye at the station!
Thank you so much for coming, guys, much love to you xxxxxxxx

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