Friday, 22 July 2011

Yes, you do need a passport to come to France!

Today, my two lovely and very intelligent Oxford Graduate friends, Erin and Eddie are coming to visit.
I got a call from them this morning while I was in the park with my boy and our friend's 3 year old (babysitting other people's kids as well now!) and I was so excited, thinking they were going to say 'We're in Paris' or something like that...
But no,
Erin: 'I forgot my passport!' Gaaaaah!
Thank the Lord, the Eurostar people managed to get them on a later train so they could go back and retrieve the passport, and they will still be arriving today...just slightly later than planned!
Can't wait to see these awesome peeps for a fun-filled penultimate weekend in Nancy!

Bon weekend a tous!

Lots of love xxx

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