Sunday, 10 July 2011


I love France, but sometimes, I really miss home. BUT: in just over 3 weeks, I will be back with my family. This makes me utterly sad - that I have to leave this lovely family. But completely excited to see my family and friends at home.
This weekend, I missed seeing my sister in her play, missed seeing her dress up for her end of term ball. Missed eating in the garden with my family, chatting to my mum over breakfast and laughing with my Dad about how sunburnt he's got-again!
I am so excited for our family holiday in August where we can be together as a family after so long!

When I go back to England, I will miss the children, my church here, my friends... and calling them up and making plans, fresh baked croissants, sitting on the Place Stanislas with a bottle of wine and good girlfriends (such a good night, Friday, girls!) I will miss lazy Sundays where it's ok to sleep for 4 hours after lunch - thank you God for giving us a day of rest!! (and for France, where it's really honoured!)
And I might just miss someone else too... yes, there is a man in my life and he is French, and just LOVELY :)

I will miss this beautiful city (although I'm almost surely coming back!)

But wherever we go,  God is always with us. I love that one of my best friends is in America, another in Africa, others in the UK, but that when we pray for each other, God answers our prayers, wherever we are, and we are always connected. God is really with us wherever we go, wherever we go, we have His spirit and his joy, and I will forever rejoice in what he has done, and continues to do in my life, and the life of others.

God bless xxxx

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