Thursday, 21 July 2011

sleeping child

I'm not even joking. it's 8:45am and little one is STILL SLEEPING!
This is the latest I have EVER known him sleep. (The kids are usually all up before 7 - nightmare!) I put him to bed over 13 hours ago! Crazy. Unfortunately, as he still sleeps in a cot, I kinda have to hear him wake up, because he can't get out by himself, and as my room is at the other end of the apartment, I'm up now, waiting for him to wake up. I did get to stay in bed until after 8 though - a record!

Yesterday he didn't wake until 8:30. All this sleeping combined with his massive appetite at the moment - I sense a growth spurt!

In other news, I think Summer has gone... it wont stop raining... seems to be just in the East of France too. And it's not even very warm any more. Feels like England!

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