Monday, 18 July 2011

Recovering from the weekend

Fete National in France – 14th of July was on Thursday so we got a 4-day weekend!
Wednesday was the last day I had to look after Alice and Stanley. We went to the cinema and watched ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ in French…Alice sat on my lap the entire movie…she is not very cuddly normally so I know that meant something. We talked about how I was leaving and that there would be someone else coming to live in my room. They asked why I couldn’t stay longer (always a possibility, but as my future has not been made clear yet, I was not going to suggest that.) We are very close now, the kids and I. We have fun, we talk about things they don’t talk about with their parents. We talk about Jesus.
On the way home from the cinema, in the rain, (yes, after the heat of Tuesday it rained, and rained…and rained) they collected over 30 snails in the empty popcorn box and then deposited all of them outside the front door…poor snails! (Thankfully they didn't suggest cooking them!)

Wednesday night, an American friend, Lauren had a little soiree at her place, various friends – awesome company - great (vegetarian) food, wine, and, bizarrely a raid on her wardrobe which resulted in some of us dressing up, fake moustaches, dancing, 3am finish. Thanks for a good night, Lauren!

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(Oh and for those who are interested… this is my lovely Frenchman, his name is Jean-Baptiste:)

Missing one very special person, though. Betsy, we love you!!!!! 

On Thursday, I was woken up far too early, but seeing as sleep-deprivation is the norm for my life now, I got up and had breakfast with the family. Then we all cycled into town to watch the Bastille Day parade-thingamyjig!

It looked like this…

There was also a fly-past but it was blink-and-you-miss-it!

We then went to the park and took photos:
They looked like this…

We then had lunch and after I went home and had a nap…  before going with JB and Matthias to their family home to meet some of their family…
And then much later we had a little party at Matthias’ house, and on Friday I was even more tired…are you getting the pattern? Good day

On Friday afternoon, I went into town with Alice and we spent about and hour in a huge toy shop and I bought the children presents. Little did I know, they’d brought me presents too! In the evening, with all the family they also gave me pictures and cards that they had made and it was really sweet and I nearly cried.  That night I stayed in and had dinner with the family!

On Saturday morning early, the family left for Paris and I said a tearful goodbye to Alice and Stanley before going back to bed for the best lie-in ever! I did not get dressed till 2pm!

Spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with a friend, Angie, buying wine, and making a slightly strange cake with JB… but by the time the four of us (Matthias joined us for dinner) came to eat it I think we didn’t really care what it tasted like! Really good evening with good food (thanks Angie for cooking!) and staying up far too late again… though we made it to church in the morning!

Sunday was lazy.

The family came back last night with just little one and I realise that there are only two weeks left here. The time has completely flown. 6 months ago, I was about to leave to do a job I had no idea how to do, where I knew no one. Now I have little brothers and a sister, amazing friends, and have experienced how wonderful life can be when you let go and let God lead. His love is everywhere!

<< Mais en tout cela nous remportons la plus complète victoire par celui qui nous a aimés. Oui, j’ai la certitude que rien ne peut nous séparer de son amour… rien ne pourra jamias nous séparer de l’amour que Dieu nous a manifeste en Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur.>>
Romains 8:37-39 

Grab your opportunities, friends, you might just find something amazing!

With love xxx

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