Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sun is back!

This morning I felt a bit down. I had got back pretty late from Matthias's last night where we had played games and watched a British film (the guys totally didn't get it!) and drunk Cointreau. I cycled, and cycling back at 1:30am was pretty peaceful, there was nothing on the road. It was a really reflective time, thinking back on all the great moments of the last 6 months. It really has been amazing!

This morning walking my little one to creche, the weather was kind of chilly and misty and reminiscent of those spring mornings walking the children to school. It brought back such a feeling of nostalgia, and  took a walk through the park where images of memories with the children playing there seemed to flash through my mind. It was almost eerie, I can't really describe it, but it made me really miss the children. Back at home, I was tired and grumpy.

But later on, the sun came out, and my monsieur came over and we went off for a long cycle along the river. (Cycling is definitely my new favourite hobby!) It actually felt pretty hot for the first time in two weeks and it was great to be cycling along the beautiful riverside, with flowers lining the banks and talking and laughing with my favourite Frenchman. It felt like a little holiday, just for a couple of hours.

It kind of reminded me that we need to appreciate these moments of joy in a world where we are bombarded with sadness. My heart goes out to the people of Norway right now in the aftermath of an unbelievable atrocity. But God remains constant and pours out blessings in so many forms. We need to notice God's beauty in the world and try to reflect it, and fight back against evil, pain and sadness.

La vie est encore belle.

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