Thursday, 7 July 2011

Recently... has been really hot!
Sunday before last was the start. It was amazing. I went with the family to a summer picnic with a Christian group that F+S are part of. It was on the top of this hill with a really beautiful church and amazing views....

On Monday and Tuesday it was something crazy like 36oc! 
On Monday, Laura and I decided to hit up the outdoor pool...this involved sunbathing and occasionally dipping in the pool to cool off! 
Picking up the children was very difficult in this weather as amazingly they still seemed to have a crazy amount of energy but it was fine!
On Wednesday the weather broke and it has been a bit cooler but still really nice since!
Wednesday was Stanley's 5th Birthday, so that was all excitement, and as I mentioned before, they children broke up from school on Thursday so on Friday, we were given the challenge of brightening up the cellar playroom! Armed with paints and brushes we started by writing our names, and then decided to paint fish and other such underwater creatures all over the wall! It actually ended up looking pretty awesome and the parents were pleased too! It all looked great for Stanley's Birthday party on Saturday!

The party was so much fun! There were children dressed up running around high on sweeties and I spent my time painting faces and helping with a puppet show!

Later on, we had our last choir concert of the school year at beautiful Lac de Madine about an hour away! It was a really fun evening and beautiful setting!

More photos here...

This week has been pretty crazy in my life... so more on that at another time!

In other news though, I did have a rather nice conversation with 4 old men at a cafe this morning while I was writing my journal. Gotta love the French!

Bisous xxx

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