Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jeudi 30 Juin

My rambles from Thursday morning having a coffee...

It really does feel as if the end of my time here is close now. Although I still have a month left here, the children finish school for the summer today (not even kidding - they don't got back until September 5th either! ...thinking it would be great to be a teacher in France!)

So it felt a bit strange doing the morning school run for the last time, handing my keys back to the school and thanking and saying 'au revoir' to the teachers; seeing some of the parents that I have become friendly with for perhaps the last time. And all the was hard to walk away.

Its funny because two of three of the families at the school have been interested in me working for them in September, but much as I'd love to stay, I feel that this has been an amazing phase in my a little snippet of time that I will always cherish...but there will be more.
A friend of mine suggested that maybe going back home is a good place to start again - I agree. I mean, I don't think that I wanna start fresh as such, but build on this amazing life-changing experience in a new way.
However, I think if something really smacks me in the face to make me stay, knowing God, I'd be wise not to ignore it. 

A bientot

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