Thursday, 17 March 2011


So right after I wrote my blog today, I decided to get going making the children's dinner before I went out. I thought I would make some nice pork chops (which they love) with honey and mustard. I put it all in the oven, then went off to do some random jobs and have a chat on the phone with William. Anyway, I wondered back into the kitchen sometime later to a horrible smell...and the horrible feeling that I'd forgotten the chops. They were burnt to a crisp. I was so annoyed, especially as I had arranged to meet Krista in town at two, and it was already 1:45. Man ALIVE! I put the chops on a plate, hoping I could salvage something but knowing I could do something with the leftovers in the fridge, and ran to meet Krista. I wasn't too late, and we had a nice mooch around the shops with Noelle, and chatted about bringing up children. It was great to chat to her as it has been a really difficult week and I love the kids so I worry about them when they behave badly and little one has been so bad, crying and hitting me lots. It's horrible. It's so good to chat to another mum.
When I got back with the kids (they were really good coming home tonight), their mum was home, she had seen the chops and seemed a bit narky with me. Obviously I felt bad because of the waste of food and stuff, and I apologised and it was ok, but it's hard, cos she's been away a bit this week and she doens't really know what's been happening, and little one was crying and screaming and hitting again (this time to his mum). It's pretty hard. But everything's ok now, there are so many good things to be thankful for. When I see the pictures of Japan and realise how easily people can loose everything, I just thank God that He is good, and I realise how much I have. Flowers are coming out all over Nancy, and it's getting WARM.
PLUS: it's nearly the weekend.

A beautiful picture to leave you with... Goodnight x

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