Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday morning

Monday mornings are so tough... getting up at 6:50am again is a shock after a lazy weekend! But this morning was great! It's so sunny here and the children were absolutely lovely! Last night we all sat and watched 'the Secret Garden' before bed. It was one of my favourite films from childhood, and the kids love it too! They were being so cute asking lots of questions and really getting in to it!
Then this morning, when they're parents left, they did everything I asked, got themselves ready, cleaned teeth and out the door with practically no input from me! It was amazing! After dropping of little'un at the creche, we had a lovely walk through the old town to the activity centre where Alice and Stanley are spending today. They both held my hand and we had a really nice chat with no fighting (which is normal) and no complaining about going to the centre (which, apparently is also normal). It was so lovely, and I even felt a bit sad saying goodbye to them. I love them more every day, I really do. I am actually starting to really enjoy my job! Thank you God.
So today, I am basically free, and it's sunny, and I have just started reading a really good book - 'The Help.' I also just found an old Gabrielle CD... I have it on, loud. I forgot how much I loved her music - massive guilty pleasure!

So a great weekend, and a great start to the new week! :)

Love and sunshine to you all. Bisous xxxx

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