Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring is here!!

...and I mean, properly here! There are flowers everywhere and the trees are all coming into blossom!
Yesterday, I thought I was going to be meeting up with a French friend, Jessica, in the evening. She had said that she would ring me on Saturday to sort it out, but having not heard from her by the afternoon of the following day, I text her. Getting no reply, I decided to go out for a walk as I was getting a bit bored inside. I walked quite a long way to this other park which is a bit wilder than the one in the city centre. Lots of room for ball games and cycling, and it was teeming with people on their Sunday afternoon strolls. It was really beautiful and I enjoyed just wandering and breathing the relatively fresh air.
Having still heard nothing from Jessica, I decided to see what films were on at the cinema, as France is having a 3-day promotion - 3.50 Euro for any film at any time: less than half the normal price! Having heard a lot about 'Black Swan,' I decided to see that.

I kinda wished I hadn't though. It was really creepy in a psychological way, and being by myself in the cinema wasn't so good! Also, the film had hardly started when Jessica started calling me. Oooops! I text her to say that having thought she must be busy, I decided to go to the cinema. Was a bit of an annoying mix-up! Hopefully we can sort something else out this week!
Anyway, after the film finished, we had to leave the cinema via a pretty creepy exit down some stairs, and I walked home as fast as I could feeling pretty freaked out! I am such a wimp!

Anyway, no nightmares, and this week has started pretty well. The children were really happy this morning, singing and dancing at 7:30am, and we had a really nice walk to school. My French class went pretty well: we did some 'controles' - class tests this morning, and I found them quite easy!

I think I'm going to try out the local swimming pool this afternoon, and we have gospel choir tonight. Betsy is back from her week of travelling in Europe and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Grosses Bisses a tous!

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