Wednesday, 9 March 2011

vacances scolaires

Betsy and I at the Musee des Beaux Arts...

After not getting to bed until gone midnight last night (so late for me these days), I was filled with something like dread when I heard the children up and running around at 7am this morning, more so since I have them all day today. I dragged myself out of bed, because when their mum is away with work, I have to help more in the morning. They were all in crazy hyper moods - the moods where it is impossible to get them to do anything. Their Dad left, leaving me to try to get the children to clean their teeth and get Toby to creche. But God answers prayers. They all got their teeth cleaned and were out the door with minimal fuss. Another beautiful day, and Alice and Stanley took their trottinettes (scooters) to the creche - which made life a lot easier as they get moving a lot quicker! They were so sweet when we got there, even putting Toby's pushchair away while I got him sorted. We've been back at the apartment for an hour now, and they have been contentedly playing in their cellar playroom the entire time. I just LOVE it when they play well together (they often fight) Harmony has been restored. I'm hoping the day goes well as I have them all day tomorrow as well. I shall be very tired by tomorrow night!

Alice and Stanley have spent the last two days at a 'centre des loisirs' (activity centre) which has given me some nice time to myself. It has been so sunny and I have spent time reading in the sunshine and relaxing a bit.

Chilling on the Place Stan...

However, when I picked them up on Monday evening, we had a bit of a faff! They had lots of drawings and little things that they had made. We put them all in the basket thing under the pushchair, but when we were crossing a busy road, a gust of wind blew them out all over the road. The children were wailing, and it took all of my composure to get them over the road and wait while I tried to retrieve all of the missing articles! Luckily people in cars were kind, but I felt like a prize plonker... the things you do for kids!!

On Monday, it was Gospel Choir again, which was awesome as usual, and last night we had the English Bible study at Jonathan and Krista's, complete with an authentic Thai meal, cooked for us by Owen (a Thai guy!) It was a really great evening of prayer, fellowship and studying God's word. It is so amazing to have this group and I feel so blessed by it.
However, I was in a bit of pain, as beforehand, it being Mardi Gras, I had done crepes for the children. We have this whizzy crepe machine which does 7 mini crepes at a time. It does get pretty hot though, and I was scared the children were going to touch it themselves. Fortunately, they were sensible enough to stay away and it was me who caught my hand and burned it. It's blistered up pretty bed and really hurt at the time. Unfortunately, it was right when I was trying to get the children to get ready for bed, so I had to suck it up and deal with the pain rather than leave my hand under cold water ...ouch!! Anyway, the crepes went down a treat. I'm now sat here thinking of what to give up for Lent. It's super difficult living in France because I can't really choose from all the things I love. I think I am going to take up something good instead...make sure I read my bible and pray for people every day as this is something that can be pushed to one side if I'm busy.

THAT crepe machine!

What are other people doing for lent?

In other news, I have found a new favourite cafe in the old town, and even struck up a rapport with the owner! He thought it was hilarious that I should be writing letters to my friends when I had a mobile phone. I explained that I enjoyed writing and it was much more personal than instant messaging. He then asked me to write something for him...which I did, in English! Ha, I think I'll go back. I love little local cafes and it is so cosy and serves a good 'grand cafe'.

So, Wednesday continues, the children are still playing nicely together, but I expect I shall have to see what mess they have cased downstairs as they just came up to tell me of all the great things they found down there - which definitely means that they've been rooting around!

I hope everyone is having a really good week :)

Much love xxx

A typical French woman CARRYING her dog!! haha

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