Friday, 11 March 2011

The end of a long week!

I just wanted to say that I had the nicest day today...and I WAS WORKING! (This shocks me!) I am so tired after looking after the children a lot this week, but I feel like I am starting to enjoy it so much more, and really loving spending time with the children now I am feeling more relaxed. I had Alice and Stanley all afternoon. We had a very civilised lunch together (complete rarity - they are usually trying to get up and run around), we sat together and watched an episode of David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet' (I forgot how amazing it was), and it completely chilled them out, they LOVED it!! Afterwards I played with Stanley in his room, then we decided to make cakes which turned out to be delicious and then the children took it upon themselves to do all the tidying up and washing up and they actually did it so well that I didn't have to do it again afterwards! It was so cute!!
We went to the park before getting Toby from creche and we played silly games and had lots of fun. When we got back, their parents were home and we all had a really lovely dinner together. Alice has a friend staying tonight, and everyone seems happy. Good times :)
I am far too tired to go out tonight, but Betsy is coming round for a film and I bought a bottle of wine!
My 7th week is nearly over already... I can't quite believe it.

Praying for the people of Japan. Another disaster hits our planet, and it hits home how relevant the conversation I had with Alice yesterday was. I was talking to her about just how fortunate she is to have everything she has (as there are so many children with nothing) I know this is so cliched, but it's so important that children appreciate what they have. She was incredibly sensitive to the topic and knows all about giving to people who are less fortunate. I was touched.

Bon week-end tout le monde!


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