Sunday, 27 March 2011

Un nouveau boulot!

So, I'm sitting here and it's 8pm and it's still light - this makes me happy :)
This weekend has been pretty nice and relaxing. Yesterday, was a normal lazy Saturday. It was raining all morning, but late on in the afternoon I headed into town and met Betsy at one of the Irish pubs, where we discovered an amazing drink... biere with grenadine and lemonade. It is so nice! We had a couple of those, and then went for a walk around the park. It had got really still and warm and there were so many birds singing. It was just beautiful to be out and not be cold. the simple things.
I had to babysit last night, which was a bit boring, but fine, though I was sad not to go out with the church youth. Oh well, it was a good chance to read and relax, and the children were really good and went to bed really nicely :)

Today was also a nice day. I woke up feeling pretty disorientated about the clock phone had re-set itself in the night, and I had reset it before I went to sleep, so it ended up being two hours ahead and my alarm woke me up far too early! Anyway, made it to church on time, and even had time for a pain au raisin with Betsy before we went in!

This afternoon, I went over to the house of a child in Stanley's class. I can't remember whether I have mentioned this, but his parents had asked me if I could help 3 of their SEVEN children with their English!
It was great! The children aged 16, 12 and 11, were all very good at English, and we ended up having conversations for over 2 hours! They are a really nice family, and live in this amazingly huge rambley house really near to me! They want me to come over sometime every week and are going to pay me 10 Euros and hour, so that's a bit of a bonus! It is also a really great opportunity for me to chat to the parents in French! All in all, a great opportunity!
Right after, I went to meet Betsy and her course-mate, Laura (from Finland) for a drink at one of our favourite bars. We sat outside under the blossoming tress and another of the new favourite beverage was consumed! We ended up having this amazing conversation about culture and world issues for ages which was so awesome. Then I walked home in the light!

I hoep everyone has had a good weekend.
Grosses bisses to all :) xxxx

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