Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

I have already told a few people about this, but this is so sweet:
On Monday, I was giving the children their tea as usual. Stanley had eaten lots and lots (I had made quiche - his favourite!) I was asking him how full up he was, and if he had any room for desert. When we were kids, Arthur and I used to say that we were full right up to our chests - with just a tiny bit more room for desert! I sad to Stanley, 'are you full up all the way to here?' pointing to the top of my chest. And he replied, 'If I was full up all the way to here' (pointing at his heart) 'then Jesus wouldn't be able to see!' I was slightly confused and asked why, then he said: 'Because Jesus lives in here' (pointing at his heart again.) It was just the sweetest thing ever!!

Also yesterday, I was picked a huge bunch of dandelions on the way home from school with the instructions that they were just for me, no-one else! Stanley can be such a sweetie sometimes!

So I'm sat here, and it's already Wednesday, again! These weeks go fast. Wednesdays are getting more and more relaxed as I realise that the children love to amuse themselves for the most part, and I only need to get them moving to go the Conservatiore for Alice's flute lesson and to take Stanley to the children's library.

Last night was the English Bible study which involved running like loonies for trams, lots of Krista's good food, great fellowship and another very good Bible study.
Big thanks to the lovely Krista and Jonathan yet again!

...and one more bit of news: I have been invited to go skiing with the amazing Nicki in 3 weeks time - super bonus! I'm very excited! :D

I hope everyone is having a good week. Missing some of you very very much... xxx


  1. Missing you too Lucile!!!! Can't wait till Easter xxxxx

  2. hahaha, you knew that comment HAD to be about you!! And it is...amongst other people :D LOVE YOU xxxxxx