Saturday, 5 March 2011


Me and Toby a la parc!

The peace has been shattered: the children are home! I must say I’ve missed them and it’s nice to hear their voices in the house again. I stepped back and stayed in my room during the hugs and the reunions with their parents. Although I am supposed to be part of the family, sometimes it feels like I should just tactfully keep out of the way so that they can have their family time.
However, we just had a really great family weekend lunch. I really look forward to these Saturday and Sunday lunches: really good food, and the chance to all eat together as a family. They have also just invited me to what sounds like a Christian family weekend away in an old chateau in the Vosges countryside (a nearby region which is supposed to be really beautiful). I would actually love to go and spend some time with them as a family and experience a French Christian weekend away! I have also been really missing the countryside as living in a city all the time can be pretty suffocating for me who is so used to the country back home. This morning, though, mum showed me the garden back home on skype, and I even got to see my lovely dog, Bramble. The technology really is amazing: 10 years ago, we would never have had this sort of contact, and it’s funny how we can get so used to it and take it for granted. 

Flowers from William

And… 5 things that I am loving at the moment:

1.     My Macbook – such a good buy, instant communication with family and friends, loved skyping with some of you this week! It stores my photos, my memories and I can listen to my music and watch films on it. It’s just great.

2.      Letters – even though email is so much quicker, it’s amazing to get a letter through the door. Thank you.

3.     Friends – friends back home who are so supportive and new friends here. You are sunshine to me.

4.      My family – always there, such a blessing and although I miss you so much, I know that it won’t be long before we are together again.
          God – his constant love and the blessings he gives me every day. My security and identity come from him and I know I am safe.

Bisou! A bientôt! 

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